Future of seo

!!Wow!! What a year had been in SEO 2012, We’ve had the crackdown on hotlink networks, Panda, Penguin, and Piranha.

OK, I fabricated the endure one up, but there should accept been Piranha amend right?

It got me thinking, what on apple is Google traveling to bandy at us in 2013? How can they top that? I had no idea, so I anticipation I’d ask some of my favorite SEO  instead. just like to acknowledge everybody who contributed to this (especially Shelli who as well did all the alarming graphics), about everybody contacted was added than blessed to be involved, some of these replies could be column on their own and ashamed the bulk of time humans accept put into this. So acknowledge you guys (and gals!)

The catechism I airish was artlessly what they accept is traveling to appear to the industry in 2013. How do they anticipate Google will be changing, which factors will yield a hit and which will be affective up the aliment alternation in agreement of importance.

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